Math 320 Lecture 003
Linear Algebra and Differential Equations

Fall 2009 - University of Wisconsin

Professor: Dr. Amanda Folsom

Office: Van Vleck 319

Office Hours: Wednesday & Friday 2:15-3:15pm
or by appointment

Email: folsom (at) math (dot) wisc (dot) edu

Course URL           Handout: Midterm I. Study Guide
                                   Handout: Solutions to Midterm I.
                                   Handout: Midterm II. Study Guide
                                   Handout: Solutions to Midterm II.
                                   Handout: Final Exam Study Guide
                                   Handout: Some extra examples

Course syllabus

Lecture: Van Vleck B239, 1:20pm-2:10pm, Mon.-Wed.-Fri.

Teaching assistants: Jonathan Mason & Lancine Konate
Discussion sections: See course syllabus.

Homework assignments:• Homework assignments & due dates will be posted on the 320 homework page.
• Homework is due at the beginning of lecture.

Schedule of lectures:• A detailed schedule of lectures will be posted on the 320 lectures page weekly.
• (See also the course syllabus for an approximate outline.)

Course Description: Differential equations are the fundamental tools that modern science and engineering use to model physical reality. The importance of differential equations to these disciplines cannot be overemphasized. A distinct subject in its own right, linear algebra is a part of mathematics concerned with the structure inherent in mathematical systems. In this course we seek to understand the problem of existence and uniqueness of solutions to differential equations, expression and approximaion of such solutions, and understanding differential equations that model physical systems. Click here for a more detailed syllabus.

Text: Differential Equations & Linear Algebra by C.H. Edwards and D.E Penney. 3rd Edition, 2008, Pearson Prentice Hall

Prerequisites: Math 222. Credit may note be received for both Math 320 and any of Math 340, 341, or 375.

Homework: Homework will be assigned weekly, and will be due in lecture at the beginning of class - due dates will be specified on the course webpage. Any exceptions due to holidays, exams, etc. will be explicitly noted. Note that late homework is not acceptable, and also that your lowest HW score will be dropped. Assignments will only be posted on the 320 homework page. Collaboration on homework is certainly permitted, and encouraged. Please write your discussion section number/TA name on your HW, and please staple.

1. Midterm Exam I.Friday Oct. 2
2. Midterm Exam II.Wednesday Nov. 4
3. Final ExamSunday Dec. 20, 7:45am - 9:45am
There will be no rescheduling of exams, and no make up exams, without a note from an authorized University Dean or official. You must take the exams at the dates/times indicated above. You must let me know immediately if you have a valid conflict. Please note that the time and date of the final exam are fixed by the University of Wisconsin registrar.

Grade determination: Homework/discussion/quizzes combined will be worth 25% of the course grade, each midterm will be worth 22.5% of the course grade (for a total of 45%), and the final examination will be worth 30% of the course grade. For a more detailed break down of the HW/discussion/quiz percentage, please see the course syllabus.

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