Math 421-The Theory of Calculus
Spring 2009 - University of Wisconsin

Professor: Amanda Folsom

Office: Van Vleck 319

Office Hours: Wednesday & Friday 2:15-3:15pm
or by appointment

Email: folsom (at) math (dot) wisc (dot) edu

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Course syllabus

Lecture: Van Vleck B215, 1:20pm-2:10pm, Mon.-Wed.-Fri.

Course Description: The aim of this course is to teach students to write and understand mathematical proofs both in general, and in calculus in particular. In doing so, we will cover material typically found in both first and second semester calculus, emphasizing an understanding of the proofs and concepts. This course is designated "writing intensive" by the College of Letters and Science. Math 421 is primarily intended for math majors, and also functions as preparation for subsequent 5xx-level mathematics courses. Click here for a more detailed syllabus.

Homework assignments:HW1HW3HW5 HW7HW9HW11

421 Graphing Functions Handout

Prerequisites: Math 234 or consent of instructor. A student cannot enroll in Math 421 if they took the Honors Calculus sequence.

Homework: Homework will be assigned weekly on Monday in class, and will be due the following Monday in class. Assignments will also be posted on the course webpage. Occasionally, problems marked by a * will be given. These problems are optional, and may be done for additional credit. Collaboration on homework is certainly permitted (and encouraged).

Exams: There will be two in-class midterm examinations given on Friday February 20th and Monday April 6th, and there will be one final examination on Monday May 11th from 10:05am - 12:05pm. This exam can not be rescheduled, as the time and date are fixed by the University. Please let me know in the beginning of the semester if you have a valid conflict.

Grade determination: Homework will be worth 30% of the course grade, each midterm will be worth 20% of the course grade (for a total of 40%), and the final examination will be worth 30% of the course grade.

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