Math 222a
Linear Algebra with Applications 

Fall 2013 - Yale University
Professor: Dr. Amanda Folsom Teaching Assistant: Daniel Corey
Office: Dunham Laboratory 427Email: daniel (dot) corey (at) yale (dot) edu
Office Hours: Wed. 3:45-5:15pm, or by appt.
Email: amanda (dot) folsom (at) yale (dot) edu

• Course website

• Course syllabus is available here

• Lecture: 10:30am-11:20am, M/We/F, Mason Lab 211 (Note. new location as of 9/9/13).

  • Fall Break: No lectures Wed. 10/23 and Fri. 10/25
  • New location for lectures as of 9/9/13: Mason Lab, Room 211, 9 Hillhouse Ave.
  • Future discussion sections: with T.A. Daniel Corey, Tuesdays 8-9pm, Thursdays 6-7pm
Location: Leet Oliver Memorial, Room 205, 12 Hillhouse Ave.
  • Discussion section scheduled: Thurs. 9/5 8pm-9pm, with T.A. Daniel Corey
Location: Math Dept. Lounge, 4th floor Dunham Lab, 10 Hillhouse Ave.
      SOLUTIONS to HW1
      SOLUTIONS to HW2
      SOLUTIONS to HW3
      SOLUTIONS to HW4
      SOLUTIONS to HW5
      SOLUTIONS to HW6
      SOLUTIONS to HW7
      SOLUTIONS to HW8
      SOLUTIONS to HW9
•Handouts: available here
•Exam Information:
      Final Exam Study Guide
  • FINAL EXAM REVIEW: Wed. 12/11 7pm-9pm in L.O.M. 206, with Daniel Corey.
  • READING WEEK OFFICE HOURS: Tues. 12/10 2:30-4pm, Wed. 12/11 3:45-5:15pm (in Dunham 427 as usual)
      SOLUTIONS to Midterm 2
      Midterm 2 Study Guide
  • MIDTERM 2 REVIEW: Thurs. 11/7 6pm-8pm, Location: LOM 205, with Daniel Corey.
      SOLUTIONS to Midterm 1
      Midterm 1 Study Guide
  • MIDTERM 1 REVIEW: Thurs. 10/3 6pm-8pm LOM 205 with Daniel Corey.
•Homework:available here

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